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Barco - Science Museum, Tokyo

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Barco - Science Museum, Tokyo
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A seamless scientific encounter in Tokyo

Since its inauguration in 1964, the Science Museum in Tokyo has been dedicated to promoting the public understanding of science and technology. To adequately present its message, the Japan Science Foundation (JSF) has always invested in the latest technological advances. One of the most recent additions is an impressive Barco OverView OLS-721 video wall, on which the wonders of our world come to life.

With its unique location near the Imperial Palace, outer space-like outside walls and star-shaped architecture, the Science Museum is hard to miss. In recent years, the institution has welcomed an increasing number of families. To cater to their thirst for knowledge, the JSF is constantly renewing and updating its exhibits, as well as providing access to the newest technological advances.

Science on display

In one of the many large rooms in the building, JSF was looking to install a large, high-resolution display that could truly immerse visitors. Because the lighting in the room could not be controlled, a front-projection screen was not an option.

This specific requirement — and earlier positive experiences with Barco on several projects — led JSF to the OverView OLS-721 rear-projection LED video wall. With its simple configuration, small footprint, superior full HD resolution (7,680 x 2,160 pixels), seamless screen and perfect brightness, this powerful solution managed to solve all of JSF’s concerns while creating a memorable experience for science-aficionados.