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In 2012, Telstra relocated staff from nine offices to Telstra Brisbane One, perhaps the most state-of-the-art building in Brisbane City. At their previous work spaces, staff members were frustrated with audio-visual systems that were cumbersome, difficult to operate, and, most negatively, time consuming. The new building would eliminate those woes with a highly integrated, simple-to-use, and efficient A/V system that would ultimately increase productivity.

An AMX Netlinx Control System communicates to all areas of the building, including the Telstra Boardroom where AMX touch panels control twin LCD displays, high-level videoconferencing, lighting, presentations systems, blinds, and audio. At each workstation on the boardroom table, a screen lifts up that allows the audience member to view the presentation, which is managed by the head of the table on a large AMX touch panel. Guest presenters can even wirelessly present to a display in the room without connecting to the system.

In addition to all its fantastic high tech features, Telstra Brisbane One not only exemplifies a world-class high-tech office space, it has increased productivity for staff members and has set a new standard for Telstra buildings around Australia.