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12-Monitor Video Wall Steals the Show at Corporate Party

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12-Monitor Video Wall Steals the Show at Corporate Party
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Stunning 12x1 video wall setup made easy using two Matrox C680 six-output graphics cards with MuraControl software

A Time for Celebration

Matrox’s human resources department throws a corporate party every year, but the company’s 40th anniversary demanded something a little extra special to mark this momentous milestone.

Founded in 1976, a '70s theme was selected to commemorate how much the company has grown over the decades. HR personnel felt there was no better way to honor the company than by using its own products as a way to bring ambiance to the theme and liven up the dance floor. The only requirement organizers were faced with was that the set up be large enough to be seen by hundreds of people. The solution was a video wall installation, displaying not only unmistakable disco visuals, but also highlighting Matrox’s own technological advancements over the last four decades.

Takin’ Care of Business

Organizers secured all required hardware in-house: ten 42” 1920x1080 screens, two larger 55” 4K monitors, and two Matrox C680 PCI Express® graphics cards—the perfect recipe for an eye-catching 12x1 video wall setup in the corporate campus’ main cafeteria.

Custom-built wood panelling was set up across the length of the dance floor, to support the dual-C680 powered video wall. A single C680 card can power up to six screens at 4K/UHD (4096x2160) resolutions per display, and be paired with an additional C680 card for a grand total of 12 displays—a simple plug-and-play deployment. The technicians made use of the Matrox board-to-board framelock feature ensuring synchronization and refresh rates of all displays.

Picture Perfect Setup

The configuration set up was simple and intuitive with the use of Matrox PowerDesk to manage the multi-display desktop configuration and Matrox MuraControl for Windows® to manage the video wall content.

Using C-Series technology, any combination of portrait or landscape-oriented display is possible, and screens of different sizes can be incorporated into the same installation. The bundled PowerDesk application was used to pivot all 12 displays in a vertical formation, with two larger monitors placed at each end. A graphic designer created four video files, two light patterns mirroring each other for the 10 middle displays, and two dancing figures placed on the two larger screens. MuraControl then gave operators added layout flexibility to manage the digital signage content and how it would appear on the video wall. The media files, when launched simultaneously, would play as complementary and seamless content.

Over the course of the evening, the screens morphed back and forth from the simple light show to a more upbeat disco theme with dancing silhouettes, thanks to built-in schedule switches in MuraControl, which allowed organizers to showcase different content at pre-programmed points throughout the night.

A Night to Remember

Within a matter of days, the cafeteria was completely transformed. The video wall was installed with relative ease, leaving plenty of time to fine-tune the multimedia content configuration. As guests entered the room, they were greeted by the familiar sounds and sights of the 1970s.

“It felt like being brought back in time! It all started with an idea to bring our technology to life in an easy and fun way, and I’d say we accomplished that,” explained Joey Farruggia, events supervisor Matrox. “Everyone enjoyed themselves, and the video wall looked flawless, which added great ambiance to a wonderful and memorable evening—exactly what we were looking for!”

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