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Orange transforms engagement in its Spanish HQ with Kramer VIA

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Orange transforms engagement in its Spanish HQ with Kramer VIA
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Orange transforms engagement in its Spanish HQ with Kramer VIA
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Orange is a leading multinational telecommunications company providing services for mobile telephony, fixed telephony, internet, and television worldwide. Spain is the company’s second biggest market in terms of revenues, with about 20 million customers enjoying its telecommunications and entertainment services through various Orange brands..

As part of its “Engage 2025” strategic plan, Orange is working to position the company as an attractive and responsible employer, adapted to emerging professions.This includes embracing digital transformation and embracing a more flexible office model of more open and versatile spaces, which promote hybrid work, agility, and collaboration between teams.

In 2016 the company began moving towards these principles, starting with the remodeling of its local headquarters in Pozuelo de Alarcón, near Madrid.


Initially, the headquarters buildings had traditional meeting rooms, designed for more static presentations and meetings. But with new digital formats and higher quality and resolution on the rise, plus the need for more open and dynamic collaboration, a change was needed. Orange looked for a solution that would allow for simple and secure WiFi connection, without the need for cables or other cumbersome equipment. It also needed to give multiple attendees the ability to present audiovisual content simultaneously, at the highest quality, using any device such as tablets, mobiles, and laptops.

The Solution

To carry out this project, Orange contacted several system integrators to verify which solution could best suit these needs. VIA GO was amongst those recommended as an ideal solution for rooms of any size, including conference rooms and meeting rooms.

After a month of testing several AV presentation solutions, Kramer VIA GO proved a perfect match for Orange’s requirements, and it beat out the competition with its flawless performance.

Kramer’s VIA GO solution provides a cohesive experience across the widely variety of large and small meeting and conference rooms at the Orange headquarters. It allows participants to connect wirelessly and present on the main screen from any device, serving as a powerful tool for efficient collaboration.


In the just over four years since the initial implementation, Kramer’s VIA solution has been installed in over 200 rooms, and it is now a day-to-day tool for Orange personnel. Providing high reliability, simplicity, and flexibility for a dynamic and collaborative work environment, it has helped improve productivity and supporting the increasing trend toward hybrid meetings and remote collaboration.

According to Luis Gutiérrez Pérez, Head of Communications at Orange "the incorporation of these solutions into our corporate environment has facilitated the interaction of all meeting participants by allowing for sharing and viewing of high-quality audiovisual media, from any point of the room without the need for cable, adapter, or remote control.

“Adoption is key to the success of the implementation of such a solution,”Luis continues. “That’s why it was so essential to have the support of a manufacturer like Kramer working with us. Their proximity and guidance throughout made a huge difference."

And, as things turned out, the integration was particularly well-timed. “With technology playing an important role during the pandemic,” Luis concludes, “VIA helps maintain distance between people, as well as touchless policies.”

Thanks to the success of this project, Orange has since chosen to expand its use of Kramer’s solution and is now implementing VIA GO in its other offices throughout Spain.