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RGB projectors bring ancient Buddhist artifacts to life
Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2023
RGB projectors bring ancient Buddhist artifacts to life

Sept. 20, 2023 - DUNHUANG, China – Christie® is pleased to announce that its high-performance RGB pure laser projectors are illuminating several giant-screen and dome theatres with magnificent visuals that accentuate the splendor of the world-famous Mogao Grottoes.

Located within the expansive Mogao Grottoes Digital Exhibition Center in China's northwestern Gansu province, this facility is home to four digital theatres, including two giant-screen theatres and two dome theatres. In these venues, visitors can delve into the rich history, culture, preservation efforts, and scholarly research of the Mogao Grottoes – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – through high-definition documentary films presented in stunning 8K resolution by the Dunhuang Research Academy.

The four digital theatres, which have been operating for a decade, recently underwent a significant transformation. This overhaul included upgrading the projection systems to Christie's state-of-the-art D4K40-RGB pure laser projectors that push the boundaries of brightness, color reproduction, image uniformity, installation versatility, and operational lifetime. The results are unparalleled onscreen visuals that significantly elevate the viewing experience with the most vibrant images and purest colors.

Christie's trusted partner, Beijing Huayi Shengshi Technology, installed 14 D4K40-RGB projectors. Six projectors were meticulously installed in each dome theatre, which boasts an impressive 18-meter (59-foot) diameter and seating for 200 spectators. In addition, a D4K40-RGB projector had been strategically fitted in each of the giant-screen theatres, featuring a 14.7-meter (48-foot) screen length and towering 6.2-meter (20-foot) height.

"The Mogao Grottoes stand as an unparalleled repository of global Buddhist art, housing the world's largest collection of such invaluable treasures," said Hailong Wang, project manager of Huayi Shengshi Technology. "Dunhuang Research Academy's efforts to showcase these precious artifacts through high-definition documentary films in these upgraded digital theatres are highly commendable. We are honored to have played a pivotal role in this transformative project, dedicated to enhancing the visitor experience and sharing these historical treasures with a global audience."

The D4K40-RGB pure laser projectors were chosen for their remarkable features, such as high brightness, true-to-life colors, long-lasting RGB pure laser illumination, minimal consumables, and ease of long-term maintenance. The installation and commissioning of these projectors took five months due to complex aspects of the project, including secondary site modifications, demolition, and reconstruction. Supporting facilities were also upgraded to optimize projector performance.

"The projection results have exceeded our expectations, and the client is pleased with the exceptional image quality and overall performance of the D4K40-RGB projectors," Wang remarked. "Upgrading to RGB pure laser projection has elevated the visual experience to a whole new level, validating the successful accomplishment of this major refurbishment project."

April Qin, senior sales director for China, Enterprise, Christie, added, "This project exemplifies Christie's commitment to providing advanced and reliable projection solutions that enhance audience experiences in culturally significant venues. The giant-screen and dome theatres at the Mogao Grottoes Digital Exhibition Center are integral to the conservation, management, and research of the Mogao Grottoes, and Christie takes pride in contributing to their continued significance."

Featuring an all-in-one, compact design, the D4K40-RGB boasts a reliable light source with 20,000 hours of illumination performance for uninterrupted visuals. It also has an expanded color gamut that produces over 95% of Rec. 2020, offering rich, vibrant, true-to-life visuals. Additionally, the D4K40-RGB offers unparalleled installation flexibility with omnidirectional capabilities. Energy-efficient and equipped with Christie TruLife electronics, it's at the forefront of high-brightness RGB pure laser projection technology.