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WAN-Capable Audio-over-IP Nodes

Model: A__stage80

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32x switchable MIC/LINE inputs on SUB-D37. Support for balanced and unbalanced sources through floating analog stage design. Dynamic range of 119 dB(A) with maximum input level of +24 dBu. 32x Line outputs on SUB-D37. Floating balanced design supports balanced and unbalanced destinations. Maximum output level +24 dBu. 8x AES3 inputs (stereo) on SUB-D25 with SRC (input sample rates: 28.4 to 100 kHz)). 8x AES3 outputs (stereo) on SUB-D25. 2x MADI ports (redundant pair) on SFP. 2x Dual Media streaming and control ports (SFP/RJ45 100/1000Base-T Ethernet). 1x Management and control port (RJ45 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet). 1x Wordclock IN on BNC (75 ohm). 1x Wordclock Out on BNC (75 ohm). 8/8 GPIO opto/CMOS on SUB-D37.
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