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Listen Technologies Offers Upgraded ListenWiFi Personal Listening Products
Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Listen Technologies Offers Upgraded ListenWiFi Personal Listening Products

INFOCOMM, ORLANDO, FL, June 17, 2015 — Listen Technologies Corporation (booth 959), a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of assistive listening products for over 16 years, is displaying its upgraded line of ListenWiFi Personal Listening products. This technology lets venues, like fitness centers, sports bars, airports, waiting rooms or other facilities, offer a personal listening/viewing experience for their patrons by streaming audio content from any TV or music source directly to their customers’ smartphones and tablets using a Wi-Fi network.

ListenWiFi Personal Listening has been redesigned from the ground up to deliver greater audio quality, manageability and flexibility. First, audio has been enhanced to 44.1 KHz/16-bit, which can be delivered in less than 60ms, source-to-ear. Next, customers can easily manage audio channels and the app via the cloud. No longer do customers need additional software or hardware to change channel names and make modifications to the app. Additionally, software for the server and app is updated automatically, so venues know they can always connect to the widest variety of mobile devices and have the latest features. Lastly, the system is flexible, as it can be configured with anywhere from four to 24 channels without having to replace the server. The server is smaller and quieter than before, so venues can place it in a wider variety of locations. The server can also be configured to be used with an existing network or to create its own network for distributing audio.

The benefits are numerous: fitness centers can eliminate the costly, easily damaged audio controls and headphone jacks strapped to their cardio machines, sports bars can give their customers the option of listening in on their favorite game from their own device, and other public venues can offer their patrons easy access to whatever audio content they choose. The system’s LAN port connects to Wireless Access Points for Wi-Fi broadcast of the Wi-Fi Personal Listening network. ISP connectivity provides internet access for customers connected to the Wi-Fi Personal Listening network. Best of all, ListenWiFi is easy to install and maintain, and it comes with excellent support—and it gives users complete flexibility to stream virtually any audio source they choose.

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