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Tascam HS-P82 Gains Fader Controller and Coms
Posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2010


RC-F82 Controls Internal Mixing and Adds Communication
San Francisco, CA – AES Booth 909 (November , 2010): Adding to the mixing facilities of TASCAM's HS-P82, the RC-F82 is a mix controller, fader controller and communication system for location recording applications. Eight 100mm faders control the 8x2 mixer or preamp trim on the HS-P82, allowing a stereo mix to be recorded in addition to the eight discrete tracks. Eight knobs can control trim, level or stereo pan. In addition to control, the RC-F82 has audio input and output routing with talkback for on-set communication.
For reliable on-set recording with mixing and communication, the combination of the HS-P82 and RC-F82 can't be beat.
·                    8 x 100mm faders with dust-resistant sealing control HS-P82 preamp trim or mixer level
·                    8 x potentiometers control HS-P82 preamp trim, mixer level or pan
·                    HS-P82 transport control
·                    HS-P82 control buttons include select, solo, record, setup
·                    Headphone monitor with selectable L mono, R mono, stereo
·                    XLR Stereo Line Input
·                    XLR Stereo Return input
·                    2 x XLR Stereo Line Output with selectable talkback routing
·                    Built-in talkback microphone for on-set communication
·                    PS/2 connector for HS-P82 control and power
·                    PS/2 connector for keyboard input